Home Improvement: Display Shelves

This weekend was very productive in terms of home improvement projects. It can be hard to find time for improvement projects that are not hurting anything as they are. I finally set aside to complete a project I have been planning since I bought my house: a display wall for my shot glass collection.

Shot glass collection

I started out choosing my map. I used this one to make sure there would be enough space for pins in various locations. I bought a simple frame from Target and flattened the map for about a day before putting it in the frame.

Based on these dimensions I planned my shelves. I decided to do four shelves for the shot glasses. The wood for this is from Home Depot and each are 1 in x 3 in x 4 ft. I purchased two 8 ft boards and cut them in half with a circular saw my friend graciously helped with. I also bought one 1 in x 6 in x 8 ft board for the larger top shelf which I cut down to 7 ft to match the dimensions of the other two. The larger board will be for various glasses, growlers and other larger display items.

I decided to buy boards that were already sanded and had sharp edges. I did run a quick brush over the wood with sandpaper to get any little fibers off the boards. Then I laid them out to stain each board with Minwax Honey wood stain. I covered the top, one side and both ends with a heavy, even layer of stain. I let this dry for an hour. It is better to let the stain dry longer, but I wanted to get this project completed. I then flipped the boards over and finished the remaining sides. With this done, I let the boards dry for a full day.

I used 2 in brackets for the thinner boards and 3 in brackets for the thicker board. These brackets were also from Home Depot and are a simple, black coated steel bracket. I screwed these into the boards and positioned them on the wall carefully. This required help from my friend to keep everything leveled and spaced properly.

Final step was placing the shot glasses on the shelves and pinning the locations each one was from. It was fun reminiscing about all the shot glasses I’ve collected over the years as I was placing them. I am very happy with how this came out!

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