Getting Healthy

Everyone talks about getting healthy. It’s harder to take that first step. Last year was a very unhealthy year for me and I’m finally ready to take that first step to get back on track.

There are many diet plans out there, but the most common thing you hear is that it is a life style change not a temporary solution. I had good luck with the Keto style of eating the first time I did it. I, however, did not embrace the full change and did not maintain at all. This time will be different.

A low carb diet seems to go against everything society has driven into our minds. The biggest thing to realize is that the sugar industry is a huge, wealthy industry that paid big money to promote the idea that fat is bad and sugar is good. In reality, fat is stored energy that takes longer to be burned up than carbs. While carbs are designed to be quick energy sources, by restricting the number of carbs available to your body, it is forced to fall back on your reserves. This is why keto works so well – you are forcing your body to burn up the energy stored in your fat cells.

Beginning keto takes planning and you have to pay attention to everything you eat. After awhile though, you form habits and are more aware of “good” foods and “carby” foods. I am having to relearn these habits having been away from keto for so long, but I dusted off my old recipes and found some new ones I am looking forward to trying.

I welcome any questions, concerns, or advice about keto! As I begin my journey again, I will be sharing some of the recipes I make and how they turned out. Cheers to making positive changes!

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