Positive Vibes: A Resolution

January. Fresh snow outside. A beginning. A door, opening to new possibilities and closing on past wrongs.

2017 definitely had it’s ups and downs for everyone. Some of these things affected many people, such as extreme natural disasters and the #MeToo movement sparking much needed conversation about sexual abuse. Other things were on a smaller, personal scale. I had many good moments during 2017, such as getting to travel to quite a few different places throughout the year. I also had challenges throughout the year, some of which I’m still working to overcome.

That is the beauty of the new year. It can be a very definite new beginning, a fresh start. It can be a line carved in stone that I will not let my baggage follow me across. I have decided I will walk into 2018 as a phoenix shaking off the ashes of my rebirth. Of course, this is simply a decision I made, but it resonates inside me. I am shaking off all the bad thoughts, hurtful comments, and misdeeds done by or against me.

For things I have said or done that hurt anyone out there, I truly am sorry. I get an attitude quickly and say things I shouldn’t. That is something I have been and will continue to work on.

For those that have hurt me, I forgive you. I hope you find peace within yourself and happiness in your life.

I am stepping into this year with a closed door behind me, a line drawn in the sand, shaking off the ashes. I am moving forward with positive vibes and a clear mind. I am going to make 2018 the best year yet!

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