Cold Winter Must Have!

Deep in the grips of winter, with temperatures solidly below freezing for the last week, all I want to do is cuddle up with my cat under a blanket. The air outside seeps the warmth out of my body despite layers of clothes. I bundle up with hat and scarf and gloves and boots. I still shiver moments after going outside.

Needless to say, going out during the winter is not something I enjoy. Unfortunately, I have to work daily and am out in the freezing cold before the sun is up. I dread it every time I stand at a door facing outside. That is, until I made an awesome discovery!

For anyone who lives in cold climate, you need to invest in a blanket scarf, like this one from Amazon. These scarfs are large and warm. One of these covers a large area so my full neck is covered completely and it spills over onto my shoulders and chest, adding more insulation. It is soft so I can tuck my nose down into the folds to keep the lower half of my face warm as well without it being scratchy.

This morning I found another use for this scarf as well. On my first day back to work after a week off for the holidays, I forgot just how cold my office is. I wore a sweater that turned out to be thinner than I thought it was. I sat at my desk this morning, shivering and contemplating buying a new hoodie or jacket just to warm up. Then I remember my scarf! I grab it and open it out into a shawl shape. Wrapping this around my shoulders, I now have a perfectly work appropriate blanket to keep me cozy during work.

I highly recommend investing in a blanket scarf if you live anywhere that gets cold. They make great accessories and add a nice cozy aspect to my dreaded ventures into the cold!

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