10 Amazing Shows on Netflix Now

10. Black Mirror – This show is a collection of episodes each focusing on a different main character, but always with a theme showcasing modern technology and how vastly it impacts our lives. Each episode is written satirically. The lack of overlap between the episodes makes it easy to jump in and out of the series.  The episodes have a dark tendency to them and highlight the flaws in human nature in a fascinating, yet disturbing way.

9. Santa Clarita Diet – The whole zombie thing has been done a million times. Fortunately, though, it’s still entertaining. This show follows an average, suburban family as the wife/mom goes on a new diet you won’t read about in any trendy blog. The show is funny in a gruesome way.

8. 13 Reasons Why – There has been much controversy around this show. Critics say it glorifies suicide. Personally, having been in high school only a handful of years ago, I think it does a good job of depicting modern day high school. High school is a swarm of selfish, struggling teenagers who don’t know how to properly handle their emotions and hormones, which leads to amazing encounters and awful situations. Each episode is packed with tension, suspense, and emotion. A box of tissues nearby is an absolute must!

7. New Girl – The main character in this show – Jess – is quirky and naive and I relate to her in so many ways. I think there is a part of her in all of us, which makes this show great to watch. The three main guys in the show have antics all their own which enhance the show to the next level. All the characters are lovable.

6. Stranger Things – Season two of this series starts in about one month from today – not that I’m counting down or anything. This show has an old school vibe, being set in the 80’s. It follows a group of kids somehow being followed by an evil presence. Normally, I don’t handle any kind of scary or suspenseful entertainment. This show is just too good not to watch! Even though I usually have a blanket tucked around me just in case I need to cover my eyes.

5. White Collar – At least watch this one for the dreamy eye candy that is Matt Bomber as an ex-con turned FBI consultant. There is witty humor and crime solving packed into this amazing show. Matt Bomber and Tim DeKay have great chemistry in this show that effortless moves the plot forward and keeps watchers coming back for more.

4. A Series of Unfortunate Events – Forget about the 2004 movie rendition of these books. The 2017 Netflix rendition with Neil Patrick Harris is the way the books deserved to be portrayed. I promise this does not have to do with my infatuation with NPH, although he is an amazing and beautiful actor. All the characters in the show are excellent. I really feel I can connect with each one. The amazingly tragic situations the Baudelaire orphans get thrown into are tense and hilarious.

3. The Good Place – Unique and thoroughly enjoyable, this show follows Eleanor Shellstrop as she tries to live in the afterlife full of the best of the best. Except, she’s not supposed to be there and her actions start tearing apart the structure of The Good Place. Light and easy to watch, this is a good show to put on any time.

2. Gilmore Girls – Every girl wants the relationship Lorelei and Rory have. Funny, quirky, and crazy, but always full of love and devotion. This is a long running series but worth every minute of it. I relate to Rory way more than I like to admit sometimes with the way she organizes and plans everything. The two make a great duo as Rory grows up and struggles with the normal teenage and young adult issues so many of us have gone through or are going through.

1. Grey’s Anatomy – This show may very well be my life’s blood. I am completely smitten with the whole cast of Grey’s Anatomy and I have been from day one – 316 episodes ago! While it may seem like just another doctor drama, Grey’s typically has a good mix of medicine and personal drama. The crazy things that happen to the doctors and the outrageous injuries and tumors the patients come in with keep the show entertaining and engaging for views. Season 14 premiere is tonight and I already have my bottle of wine waiting for me at home just for this!

One thought on “10 Amazing Shows on Netflix Now

  1. I’ve watched none of these! lol, I like to skip the more “popular” shows on Netflix and go for my own.
    I’ve been enjoying The Ranch (season 3 starts in December) – it shows a super vulnerable side of Ashton Kutcher.
    I’ve also enjoyed Friends from College and Master of None.


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