Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Festival is one of my favorite events. My dad started taking me when I was younger and now I go at least once (usually many more times) a year! I have grown my costume over the years and use it as an excuse to try elaborate makeup techniques. Of course, one doesn’t have to dress up to enjoy the festival.


The Renaissance Festival is more of a medieval / all things fantasy event. The fair lasts seven weeks and each weekend has a different theme. Themes range from Steampunk to Irish and Highland games to Pirates. The fair incorporates current pop culture as well. There has been a “Throne of Swords” for a few years now, and a new addition this year brings the “Three Eyed Raven” bar. Costumes range from full hoop skirts and corsets to Assassin’s Creed attire.

The festival is more than just people watching, although it is a live entertainment event and all the workers are hired actors/actresses. There are many food and drink stands around the park. My personal favorite is the giant turkey leg! The food is slightly expensive but typical of a theme park. The drinks are reasonably priced comparatively. Vendors have stalls all throughout the park. There are shops for clothes, jewelry, art, mugs, incense and much more. It’s amazing to see all the work put into the different fares.

Another big part of the fair is the shows put on by people from all over the country on many stages throughout. There are acts that travel full time with the Renaissance Festival. The one show I have to watch every year is the “Washing Wenches.” These two women put on a slightly raunchy, but very hilarious show. Be warned though, if you order beer from them at the beginning of the show, you might not get a full glass by the time it gets to you!


This year I got to experience a Renaissance Festival while I was in Kentucky as well. While the Michigan Renaissance Festival has been around for almost 40 years, the Kentucky Fair has just passed the 10 year mark. The two festivals were very different, but the atmosphere remained the same. The Kentucky Fair was significantly smaller than the Michigan one, but had many cool structures such as the taverns. I was excited to see the joust in Kentucky. It was a smaller scale, but very enjoyable!

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If you ever get the opportunity to visit a Renaissance Festival, in any state, I highly recommend it! You are in for laughs and excitement for the whole family.

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