From Old to New to Mine!

A few months ago I bought my first house! It is a beautiful ranch located in a great neighborhood. My amazing parents picked up the keys for me after closing as I was out of the state for work and began getting my new house ready to move in! Thankfully, the structure of my house is in great shape! Unfortunately, it was DIRTY! Layers of dirt had to be cleaned off every surface. My parents did this part while I was still away. Lucky me!!

There were two projects my parents and I agreed were too big and too important to handle ourselves — the hardwood floors and the shower. The original hardwood floors needed some serious love! They were dull with stains in every doorway, walkway, and room. The bathtub needed to be re-glazed, a much smaller project than the floors. I called Son Shine Flooring off a recommendation from a friend to help me with these issues while the house was still empty. They did a fantastic job! I highly recommend this company for any home renovation needs. The contractor who came out for the estimate explained to me that the tub in my bathroom at that point was a cheap plastic kind. He was willing to re-glaze it for me, but was sure it would need to be redone yearly as the glaze wasn’t meant for plastic. He gave me a quote for ripping out all the old shower area and replacing it with a new porcelain tub and tiled walls. I am so happy I listened to his advice because my bathroom is now gorgeous!

Top: brand new tub, tile and built in shelves Bottom: old, plastic overlay tub
Left: old, dull, stained floors Right: refinished and re stained floors

By the time I moved back to the state, my house was a normal level of dirty and dusty from the work being done. We jumped right into painting. Again, my parents were super helpful with this. My dad used to be a professional painter — a very valuable asset! Many of my friends were able to help me with the painting as well. Those who had never painted or hadn’t painted much were able to learn a few quick techniques from my dad and were on their way. All the help was greatly appreciated!

The main rooms I wanted painted before moving in were the living room, kitchen, and my bedroom. I used Behr Paint and Primer for these three rooms – walls and ceiling. My family swears by Behr and it covered well. The best way to buy anything is when it’s on sale, so I took full advantage of the 4th of July sale at Home Depot. These rooms turned out amazing as well.

Top: grey walls, grey windows Bottom: fresh paint and accented molding
Top: grey kitchen, dark and drab Bottom: my sunshine kitchen
Top: plain and tired Bottom: accent wall with matching comforter

Unfortunately, after discovering just how dirty the whole house was, I decided I needed to paint the other rooms as well. My mom had the great idea of checking Lowe’s clearance paint. We dug through three shelves worth of paint. Every time we found a great color it turned out to be exterior paint. No good! After much discussion, we picked colors for the spare bedroom, office room, and bathroom.

Painting began on those rooms a few days later. We had picked out an accent color for the cabinets and I had delegated that task to one of my volunteer friends. He was half way through when I walked by and my heart stopped. That wasn’t the right color! There was only one pint sized paint can, so I had no idea how I had given him the wrong color. My bathroom walls were going to be a rust color. Was that color kind of greenish?  I thought to myself in horror. That was not going to match! Quietly, I asked a different friend to walk by and give his opinion of the color. Cream, he declared, and I could breathe again. Cream would be nice, soft complement to my walls. Crisis adverted.

Left: bright, almost obnoxious blue Right: soft teal walls with paisley comforter
Left: more grey in the bathroom Right: rust and creme make this one of my favorite rooms

The office room is painted but is currently holding all my still packed boxes. No one needs to see a picture of how much stuff I need to find space for!

The outside of my house will be next years project. I did, however, give it a little more curb appeal for the interim!

Top: curb appeal level – well kept and nice Bottom: curb appeal level – eye catching color adds just a little flair

There is still much to do for my house, but I am all moved in. Unpacking all the boxes is the first project for me, but I have many plans to continue to make this house my home. I couldn’t have gotten this far without help from friends and family — especially my parents!

P.S. Bumper is looking forward to seeing her new house for the first time, but she has to wait a little longer!

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