Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend is always a busy time. Summer is winding down, and you want one last big BBQ. Or maybe you head out to one of the many festivals around town, such as Arts, Beats, and Eats or the Michigan Peach Festival. Or maybe you spend the long weekend catching up on yard work before it gets too chilly. For my family, we always have a BBQ with the whole extended family.

My family is really close knit, which is impressive considering how large it is! My grandma has two sisters, who each have children and grandchildren and some great-grandchildren. There are around 30 of us that gather at my uncle’s larger corner lot. My uncle has a beautiful, inground pool with a diving board that the kids only come out of when the food is served. My younger cousins are quite skilled at jumping, flipping, and diving into the deep end of the pool. Yard games include horseshoes and kan-jam. The men of the family spend most of the afternoon around the 3 grills we set up to cook sausage and hot dogs and peppers and onions and (my favorite part!) corn on the cob. A table is set up, and hot mitts passed around for the younger men to shuck the corn and butter it while it’s fresh off the grill. When the corn comes off the grill, one uncle calls for butter and a chorus of “BUTTTER!” goes around the men. As is tradition, the first corn off goes to my grandpa, who sprinkles it with salt and gives the nod of approval after biting into the piping hot cob.

Once the meat and corn is done grilling, the food is put out inside. Everyone brings a dish to pass so there’s always a ton of food! This year, on top of the grilled food, we had meatballs, coleslaw, fruit salad, taco salad, cucumber salad, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, pasta salad, pulled pork sliders, and deviled eggs. Of course, that’s all after the appetizers that have been out since the beginning and before the desserts come out. Taking a little bit of all the food still leaves your plate overflowing. I think it’s safe to say my family knows how to throw a good BBQ!

Family time is very important to me. I love catching up with everyone and spending time relaxing in the sunshine. This year, that down time was much needed! Friday after work, all day Saturday, most of Sunday before the BBQ, and all day Monday was spent painting my new house. My parents have been a huge help painting and getting my house ready for me to move in next week. One of my uncles who paints professionally also came over Saturday and was a huge help. By Monday afternoon we had only touch up paint spots left to do. What a huge relief it is to have all the painting done! The next few days will be clean up time before the big move on Saturday. More on that to come!

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