All The W’s






Who: I am one yellow rose — Amber Rose to be specific. I am an avid reader and writer. I am a mechanical engineer by day. I am a single fur momma of my cat Bumper. I am a new homeowner tackling all life has to offer in a calm and collected manner — sometimes!

What: One Yellow Rose is a blog about the adventurous of a new homeowner, ambitious engineer, and cat mom.

Where: Online via and its easy to use interface.

When: Weekly (hopefully) posts on various subjects.

Why: All my life I’ve had a love of reading and writing. Many people claim this statement all the time. Great! We need more readers of Stephen King, Jane Austen, William Golding, and J.K. Rowling. Reading improves vocabulary and comprehension regardless of what form of literature is read. I encourage everyone to keep reading and to let me know your favorite books in the comments below! I am always looking for my next read!

I was very lucky to have two parents who both encouraged my reading. They took me to the library and bought me books to add to my collection. My first memory of Writing is pretty cool too, was in the fourth grade. My dad picked me up after school and had stopped in to talk to my teacher. She gave him a story I had written for an assignment and told him it was good. What my dad said next has stuck with me and been my encouragement since then. My dad said, “Amber has always been a gifted writer. I want her to continue to learn good writing skills and be able to stretch her imagination.” I took that to heart and am writing today because of him. Thank you Mom and Dad!

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